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Because we share a passion for creating an innovation / entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Philadelphia & other regions, our aim is to enable the success of collaborations that enhance the ecosystem.

Why do mergers and acquisitions so often fail?

  • “Study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions somewhere between 70% and 90%.”¹
  • Cultural issues underpin most of the top causes of deal failure.²

We use M&A culture, alignment, and innovation expertise to create collaborations…

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…that address the issues that underlie deal failure:

  • Cultural integration issues
  • Lack of leadership buy-in
  • Misalignment between innovation & operations

ICA (InnovationCultureAlliance) uses advanced state-of-the-art technology to assure not only the best outcome for the organizational changes with your prime resources (people) but assures ongoing development and sustainability of performance across the enterprise. Once you’ve achieved an innovation culture you will be able to sustain it through ongoing changes in the economy, industry and organization.

We use Human Factors such as ‘soft’ware to maximize investor portfolios and choose the best new entrants and time the exists:

  • We look at the leadership team of each of the portfolio constituents and optimize their results, aligned with the investor’s strategy desired outcomes…
  • We also assess the alignment of new portfolio acquisition targets and…
  • Look for targets that have drifted outside of the desired portfolio parameters
  • Using process analytics that remove inherent consulting bias in conventional engagements

Our Analytics

Culture Engine


Efficiency through a technology-enabled consultative approach (a people−process−technology shift)

  • ¼ of the time required by meetings and other traditional methods
  • Less than two hours of time from each stakeholder to produce the data that lead to a valuable, viable, endorsed strategy and action plan

Founding Principals:

Joel Vardy                      Georgean Wardzinski        Pat Schaeffer

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ICA founders have more than 100 manyears of experience drawing from diverse functions and industries, such as Strategy, Innovation, Change Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing,  Finance & Human Resources, in industries such as Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Healthcare, Academia, Management Consulting, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Government, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, High Tech, IT, Biotech, Pharma, Supply Chain, etc…

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


¹ Christensen, Alton, Rising, and Waldeck. The Big Idea: The M&A Playbook. Harvard Business Review, March 2011.

² AONHewitt. Culture Integration in M&A: Global Survey Findings. 2011.